Cupping Therapy Peterborough

Cupping Therapy

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What is it?

Cupping is a massage modality originally developed in ancient Egyptian, Chinese and Middle Easter cultures and it is a deep tissue therapy that involved placing special cups on the skin for a few minutes to create suction, a method that helps with pain, muscle tension and general well-being.


There are numerous benefits associated with the use of Cupping Therapy:


Every therapy has to be tailored to the individual. It is important first to discuss about your condition, the source and the symptoms of your discomfort and then apply the best treatment for you.
In a cupping therapy, I will start by detecting the sections of the body that need to be treated.
Silicon cups of different sizes, based on the area that requires treatment, are used by being moved over the body. The cups are generally left in place for up to three minutes creating a vacuum seal on areas of the body.
For better results, cupping can be applied also as part of the Swedish massage.